testi-metafile“I have dealt with many different technology vendors from the Greater Rochester Area. I discovered Data-Smart from a MITEL Networks seminar they were hosting. At the time I was looking for a knowledgeable and cost effective technology partner and Data-Smart more than fit the bill.

I definitely had concerns about switching from a vendor that I had used for over twenty years but Data-Smart was able to seamlessly take over and enhance our current system. Data-Smart was not only able to work on the existing equipment but was able to recommend and install updated product, which enhanced our technology experience throughout all of our offices.

I strongly recommend Data-Smart as a strategic partner for every business!”

Jeff Boe, Vice President of OperationsMetafile Information Systems, Inc.

testi-restovich-1“The law firm of George F. Restovich & Associates has been using Data-Smart for computer service and support. We are very pleased with their dedication to making sure our network is running efficiently and without interruptions to our daily productivity.

Datasmart’s service has met all of our expectations and demands in a timely manner. Previously we received a slow response to our service calls. Since contracting with Data-Smart our wait time for service is minimal, if any wait at all. Sometimes they know a problem has occurred with our computers before we do!

We would highly recommend Data-Smart as a computer service.”

George R. RestovichGeorge R. Restovich & Associates

testi-wenden“I have been a customer of Data-Smart Computers for over a decade, using their services in the purchase of a great deal of computer equipment, a telephone system and consultative services for my business technology needs. I have also known its owner, Jeffery Weisz for the same amount of time, perhaps longer going back to the very roots of the company.

During that time without exception, I have found them to be insightful, knowledgeable, and extremely up to date not just to the technology they sell but how it can apply to the special needs of my business. With the complexity of an ever changing technological market, it would be very easy to confuse the consumer by pushing what they “should” have regarding the latest and greatest. I have found with Data Smart, the opposite, with their recommendations being “my” business focused and not just what is good for them to sell to meet a quota or contest goal. There have actually been times when I have asked about something that the professionals of Data-Smart after inquiring as to my specific needs, talked me out of buying something that I thought I needed but really didn’t. Instead of simply selling a product they were looking out for both the good of my business and my bottom line.

Other than emergencies when I must run to the local electronic or business super store, the only place I think of when I have to purchase technology is Data-Smart. In a time when integrity is often rare, I never have to worry about the information Jeff and his staff pass along. Data-Smart is not just a vendor, but a true partner in my business. I recommend them without hesitation.”

Steve Lansing, PhD, LICSWWenden Recovery Services, Rochester

testi-channelone“I have been a customer of Data-Smart Computers, Inc. for almost four years now. When I switched from my previous local service provider to Data-Smart, I observed all of my old, long standing, technology problems being resolved in a very short period of time. My prior provider did not seem to possess the same skills and expertise that Data-Smart brought to the table.

Data-Smart has supplied all my networking infrastructure and workstation support over the past four years promptly and affordably. I can rely on them to respond to my requests in a very timely manner.

The relationship we have developed makes me confident that they will be able to supply and of my technology needs well into the future. They listen to my needs and offer solutions based on what is best form my organization. Often times they have dissuaded me from purchasing the new hottest products and explained why they were not a good “fit” for my organization. They are always mindful of my total enterprise and not just the individual pieces.

I can relax knowing that Data-Smart is continually monitoring my enterprise even when I am away. This peace of mind is one of the many benefits I derive by letting Data-Smart Computers help me manage my enterprise.

I cannot recommend strongly enough, to anyone, to change from your current technology provider to Data-Smart Computers, Inc. and their Team of Solutions.”

Edward Stiles, Finance DirectorChannel One Food Bank & Food Shelf