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The State of Containerization Infrastructure

Struggling with the complexity of siloed infrastructure? Keeping your business-critical applications and databases available, secure, and performing consistently can be challenging. Many of our customers have faced the same issue, and we’ve helped them find a solution with @Nutanix. Find out more in this analyst report. #HCI

The Future of Endpoint Security

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when a hybrid staffer reports that they’ve lost their PC? It’s probably a quick review of your endpoint security. Lost and stolen PCs are becoming more common as employees take their work with them as they travel. But now there’s a solution: @HP Wolf Connect. Watch this video showcasing how HP Wolf Connect gives you the power to locate, lock and erase, if necessary, a lost PC, even when the device is turned off.

@HP Wolf Security

Surface Repairability eBook

Things happen to PCs, and being able to quickly and easily repair them keeps business moving. @Microsoft Surface devices are designed for easy and quick repair by customers or through an Authorized Service Partner. Either way, it is a no-hassle process with readily available components. Check out this eBook to learn more about Surface repair options, and you will see why Surface is the right choice for your employees. Data-Smart can help you with your Surface repairs, so contact us today.

Looking to improve your hybrid workspace experience? Reply and we’ll help you check out the @HP ProBook 405 series, complete with multiple configurations to meet the needs of your teams.

Hybrid workspaces rely on devices designed with varied options for displays, cameras, speakers and microphones. DM us to hear why the @HP ProBook 405 series is the most compatible partner for your workforce with a rugged design that lets you work anywhere, anytime.