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Microsoft Surface for Hybrid Work | Meet Alan!

Meet Alan, a community activist who inspired the #Microsoft #Surface team. 🙌 He needed tech with mobility, security, and connectivity for his mission—and his story inspired deeper thought about the kind of technology needed to empower hybrid workers. Data-Smart recommends watching this video to see the full story.

HCI 2.0 from HPE

HCI 2.0 from @Hewlett Packard Enterprise is here. This is the next generation of hyperconverged infrastructure. It’s faster and more powerful. Extra capabilities enable it to deliver what traditional HCI couldn’t. 🎯 Data-Smart invites you to check out this video to learn more.

Using Zero Trust Solutions to Support Hybrid Work

Zero-trust security implemented in hybrid workspaces requires higher barriers and more frequent verification, which is different from traditional security architectures. How have you handled hybrid security issues? If you’re still using patchwork solutions, download this infographic from @HP showing how a zero-trust solution helps you shift from a secure-perimeter mindset to a more successful secure-behavior mindset.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure for dummies

Check out this hyperconverged infrastructure guidebook! With HPE’s HCI 2.0, you’ll want to learn more. 💡 Data-Smart recommends this guidebook, which is packed with information—for free! It’s geared toward the IT professional who is ready to dive into the world of HCI.

Council Post: Cloud Adoption Can Boost The Bottom Line For Legal Firms, Too

Who’s afraid of the big, bad cloud? Answer? Pretty much nobody nowadays — except for law firms.

In this Forbes article, you’ll be presented with five reasons why law firms like yours can trust cloud-based technologies and enjoy the same boost to your bottom line as organizations in most other industries. Check it out. Then DM us to discuss ways to get the most from cloud-based technologies.