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Transforming to virtual healthcare

Transform to virtual healthcare with @Microsoft Surface! In this flyer, you’ll discover how these devices empower you to deliver better care from anywhere with chip-to-cloud security, productivity and collaboration tools, and more. 💡 If you’d like additional details, contact Data-Smart.

Supporting device needs for Healthcare Providers

This is how you can support device needs for healthcare providers with @Microsoft Surface. 👩‍⚕️🙌 Check out this solution brief to discover how these devices can empower you to deliver even better patient care. If you’d like details on available Surface devices, contact Data-Smart today.

4 steps to data-first modernization

Take these 4 steps to data first modernization! 👣 Simplify the transformation process with #HPE to reap the rewards. Data-first leaders are more likely to grow revenue and outpace the competition. 💵 To learn more about #HPE solutions for a data-first transformation, contact Data-Smart.

Get ready today to do tomorrow’s work

The sign of a struggling hybrid work program is a decline in productivity and complaints from teams. Are you seeing these signs from your workforce? Tell us and we’ll send you an exclusive @HP eBook highlighting the three must-have qualities you should expect in your next fleet purchase, from security to collaboration tools.

HPE GreenLake for Aruba

@HPE_GreenLake for #Aruba: Accelerate ROI and lower risk! 💡 GreenLake gives you the opportunity to consume Aruba ESP through a single subscription with flexible options. Give this solution brief a read to learn more, and if you’d like to get started, contact Data-Smart today.

HPE Storage Explained

Discover how #HPE Storage can help you simplify data management! Watch this video to see how HPE Storage solutions will help you become a data-first leader. 💡 HPE solutions deliver an intuitive experience for all workloads, everywhere. To learn more, reach out to Data-Smart.

OneCause Case Study

Why does Rick Seifert Senior Director of IT, OneCause call FileWave indispensable to device deployment and tracking?

➡️ Could it be the in-depth functionality?

➡️ Or the fact that FileWave enabled OneCause IT teams to deploy hundreds of iPads that synchronize with the FileWave server in just a few hours?

➡️ Or that FileWave saved OneCause between 10 and 20 hours per month on iPad work.

➡️ Or all of the above and more?

Check out the case study for all the time-saving details.

DM us if you’d like to learn more.

Matthews International Testimonial

Do your employees ever:

✅ Impede workstation deployment?

✅ Resist learning new technologies, policies and procedures?

✅ Both?

How can you overcome these roadblocks?

Watch this video to see how one Workstation Automation Engineer uses FileWave’s automated capabilities to empower over 11,000 employees across 25 countries with the technology they need to stay productive.

Tell us if you want to learn more.