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HP Elite Slice G2 Partner

Setting up hybrid meetings can be a recipe for disaster. How do you prevent conferencing mishaps? If you’re looking for a better solution, Data-Smart wants you to download this Datasheet about the @HP Elite Slice G2 – Partner Ready with Microsoft Teams Rooms. Designed for rooms with custom needs, it’s customized for Microsoft Teams users with preloaded conference room software.

Cloud Governance Critical to Control Costs, Feds Say

You don’t walk away from the sink and leave the faucet running. 🚗 You don’t leave your car idling in the driveway when you come home for the night. So why would you keep running (and paying for) services in the cloud when they aren’t being used?

Cloud governance can help you avoid unnecessary spending by making sure that things like this don’t happen. Read more about how it works, courtesy of Data-Smart.


HPE Alletra 6000 Technical Overview | Chalk Talk – YouTube

Learn about the nuts and bolts of #HPE Alletra 6000 and discover how the solution can benefit your business—watch this chalk talk with Calvin Zito, courtesy of Data-Smart. Zito gives a technical overview of HPE Alletra 6000, discussing topics such as the DNA of HPE Nimble Storage, hybrid multi-cloud, delivering cloud agility with Data Services Cloud Console—and more.