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Intelligent Data Center Switching

With the world of technology changing at a rapid pace, the question is: Can our data centers keep up with modern applications?

@HPE Aruba Networking is stepping up the game. Their data center solutions are weaving advanced services into the very fabric of networking. This innovation means fewer cumbersome security appliances, optimized bandwidth, and improved performance. Plus, extending zero trust to protect our most crucial workloads.

It’s time to simplify our architecture and confidently meet every challenge of the modern data center. Contact Data-Smart today.

What Surface Federal Customers Are Saying

Customers, IT professionals, and Federal agencies rave about @Microsoft @Surface devices and how they meet, and in some cases exceed, their expectations. See what they have to say in this testimonial datasheet. After you learn how much they love their Surface, contact Data-Smart to order yours today!

Alabama Appellate Courts System transforms and modernizes judicial operations with Azure.

When the Alabama Appellate Court System needed to overhaul and upgrade its outdated but still functional IT infrastructure, they called on @Microsoft to digitize justice systems and accelerate secure and transparent proceedings. By migrating many of its on-premises operations to a more secure cloud environment on Microsoft Azure, justices, employees, and 6,000 outside attorneys benefit from remote access, more efficient operations, and improved security.

DM to discuss upgrading your firm’s IT infrastructure with MS Security and Azure Cloud.

A New Era of Secure Data Center Networks

Exciting times in the world of data center technology! With @HPE Aruba intelligent switches, we’re seeing a shift from complex, costly legacy systems to streamlined, efficient, and secure architectures.

These innovative solutions enhance performance, reduce operational costs, and extend zero-trust security right to where it’s needed most. It’s time to turn your data center legacy into something truly legendary. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a revolution in how we handle data.

Ready to join the movement? Contact Data-Smart today.

Surface for Federal Security

Are you looking for secure TAA device that meets Federal standards? Look no further, because @Microsoft @Surface has that as well as Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) to provide access restrictions in your most sensitive and secure locations. Check out this solution brief to learn about the firmware and hardware protection in Surface. Contact Data-Smart to order your Surface device today!

Secure, Connected Employees, Resilient Agencies

Your industry is getting more competitive by the day and cyber threats are increasing exponentially. How are you addressing these big challenges? If you’re in the market for answers, look at this infographic outlining how HP PCs equipped with HP Wolf Security and AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors are the hardware solution to securing your hybrid workspaces and help your employees reach their goals.

@HP Wolf Security