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HPE Discover 2020: Backup Is Still Key in the Big Data Revolution

We’re in the midst of the big data revolution thanks to the explosive growth of data at the edge. Coupled with rapidly evolving demands, it’s paramount that organizations can easily and securely recall and store information.

The intelligent, self-managing @HPE Nimble is reimagining how this is done. Check out this article, brought to you by Data-Smart, to learn how this radically simple storage platform delivers the perfect solution, no matter the circumstances.

U.S. CARES Act. 

 State and local government IT directors should be strong advocates for use of $150bn from the federal government for #pandemic related support via the #CARESact. @ArubaNetworks provides 10 examples of IT projects suitable for subsidized funding, including mobile apps for virtually-delivered services and work-from-home initiatives. Contact Data-Smart for more information.

  Smart Digital Government

Smart Digital Government demands no-compromise networking on a budget. Read how state and local government IT strategists from @ArubaNetworks and partners can advise you on #zerotrust security, remote workforce, and operational efficiency initiatives, plus evaluating solution financing options. Contact Data-Smart for more information.

Edge computing in hybrid cloud: 3 approaches

3 approaches to edge computing in hybrid clouds: Hybrid computing leverages edge computing but requires different partitioning approaches for data and processing if you want to keep data processing close to data sources. Find out to solve this challenge in this TechBeacon article, brought to you by Data-Smart. The article also discusses architecture and solution patterns that can make your edge computing project in a hybrid cloud environment a big success.

Coronavirus accelerates shift in cloud deployment

Public, private, hybrid: which cloud is best for you? Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, there were convincing use cases for public, private, and hybrid cloud models. But now, amid the crisis, with employees working from home, your choice of IT environment may impact the long-term sustainability of your business. To help you decide which environment makes the most sense for your requirements, check out this Raconteur article, “Coronavirus accelerates shift in cloud deployment,” brought to you by Data-Smart.

HP Z Display

HP would like to invite you to experience the color and performance of the HP Z Display’s Movie. HP is defining color consistency and performance with their top of the line Z Displays. You’ll see it first-hand in the movie brought to you by Data-Smart Brilliant performance in sleek displays with micro-edge bezels, consistent color calibration, zero-bright dot guarantee, and expansive device connections. Turning even a small space into a place for big ideas with @HP.

HP Z22n G2 21.5 inch Display

The HP Z22n G2 21.5-inch display by @HP gives you the tools you need to streamline your big project ideas as you multi-task across multiple 3-sided micro-edge bezel displays. Out-of-the-box, integrated color calibration ready to ship now. The displays pair beautifully with powerful machines like the HP ZZ Mini Workstation. Learn more with the datasheet brought to you by Data-Smart HP mean colorful innovation.

From Chip to Cloud: Endpoint Security for the Modern Workplace

In an age of rising security threats, the easier and more streamlined your endpoint defenses can be, the more likely they are to be implemented—and the more protected your devices will be. That’s why @Microsoft Surface is the perfect solution for today’s workplaces. It provides the built-in device and data protection you need to rest easy.

Read this solution showcase, brought to you by Data-Smart, to see the multi-layered security capabilities Microsoft Surface delivers, from chip to cloud.

A Modern Blueprint for Endpoint Protection

Are you one of the 64% of organizations who have experienced #endpoint attacks that compromised your data assets or infrastructure? If yes, it’s clearly time to put more measures in place to improve your endpoint security. And if not, consider yourself lucky—for now. And take actions to ensure that you don’t become a statistic.

Read the @Microsoft eBook “A Modern Blueprint for Endpoint Protection,” brought to you by Data-Smart, to find out what an endpoint defense-in-depth strategy should contain, from the device firmware to the cloud, across all phases of the lifecycle.

Reduce Costs Infographic

Innovation has supplanted cost savings as the primary driver of cloud migration for many businesses. But moving to the cloud needs to make sense for your bottom line, too. Learn how @Microsoft #Azure offers unique cost savings with this infographic: