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Up-to-Date infographic

Spend less time on maintenance and more time on creation and innovation when you use #Microsoft #Azure SQL database. Its intelligent databases are always up to date with unique, built-in resource management and governance. Learn more with this infographic:

Microsoft 365 and Surface: Better Together

Need proof that Microsoft 365 + Surface are an ideal investment for business looking to modernize their workplace? Forrester’s research found that the unified platform delivers great 3-year financial, productivity, and employee experience impacts, including up to 9 hours that users save per week, 112% ROI with a 16-month payback, $33.7M value of productivity benefits, and $1.7M value of modern management benefits.
See these benefits, and more, in this infographic, brought to you by Data-Smart.

HP EliteBook 800 OPEX

Productivity and style with @HP 800 Series EliteBooks. Aluminum design, rich bass sound, and more! These laptops are available in a variety of sizes and with the features you need to keep secure and get work done. Check out this video, brought to you by Data-Smart, to see why these are the world’s most secure and manageable PCs.

Welcome to Microsoft 365 & Surface

Why is Microsoft 365 + Surface the ideal platform for the new modern workplace? Download this eBook, brought to you by Data-Smart, to find out how they make it easier and more enjoyable for users to create, communicate, and collaborate. You’ll also see how, together, they optimize experiences, boost productivity, and provide the high security organizations need to stay protected, from chip to cloud.

SMB technology in 2020: Hybrid cloud looms large

Why choose hybrid cloud for your SMB? Read this HPE blog post, brought to you by Data-Smart, to learn the benefits of hybrid cloud for SMBs, the new technologies SMBs are adopting, the top IT infrastructure challenges for SMBs, and small to mid-size businesses’ top criteria when choosing IT infrastructure solutions.