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Solution overview video

Microsoft App Service allows you to use popular frameworks like .NET, Java, and Python to quickly build, deploy, and scale web apps. To learn more about the benefits of modernizing .NET apps with @Microsoft, watch this short video:

Remote Workers Use Automation to Boost Security

Staffing shortages on your security team can add to your #cybersecurity risks by making it hard to keep up with patches and updates. Check out this blog to see how automation can give your security operations centers a boost and protect staff that works remotely. Contact Data-Smart to learn about our #security and automation expertise and offerings. #cybersecurity #remotework #WFA

Surface Hub 2S in the Hybrid Workplace

Smart, beautiful collaboration with @Microsoft Surface Hub 2S. Crystal-clear 4K display, @Microsoft software, and the flexibility of a whiteboard. You can move this device easily from one room to the next to turn any space into a place for teamwork. Take a look at this flyer, brought to you by Data-Smart, for more details.

What makes Chrome OS such a great enterprise platform?

What makes Chrome OS such a great enterprise platform?

“We’re able to do a lot more, with a lot less effort.”
“Updates take seconds.”

Users and IT professionals describe their experiences in the video “What makes Chrome OS such a great enterprise platform?”, brought to you by Data-Smart.

Surface Hub 2S Solution Guide

 @Microsoft Surface Hub 2S: At home in the hybrid workplace. Part whiteboard, part PC. The Hub 2S is designed to make any space into a team space. It’s easily moved between spaces, and it offers the utmost in security and collaboration tools to keep your workers safe while they collaborate from anywhere. Check out this eBook, brought to you by Data-Smart, to learn more.

HPE Nimble Storage delivers competitive edge and cloud data protection for Stupp Bros

#HPENimbleStorage: STUPP Bros. boosts performance.  At Stupp Bros., #HPE was able to substantially upgrade performance. Using a Nimble Adaptive Flash Array, Stupp Bros. boosted performance by 75% and increased storage space by 4 times using just a quarter of their original rack space. Check out this case study, brought to you by Data-Smart, to learn more.