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Four key elements for building a successful hybrid workplace

Smart investments in tech pay off. Investing in Surface and Microsoft 365 for the hybrid workplace comes with returns—cost savings, increased employee satisfaction, and more. It’s all about connectivity, collaborative tools, information security, and devices with the flexibility to let workers work their own way. This infographic, brought to you by Data-Smart, will show you the advantages of #Surface in the hybrid workplace.

HPE SimpliVity HyperGuarantee 

This infographic, brought to you by Data-Smart, explains that #HPE offers the industry’s only HyperGuarantee for its HCI solution—it provides assurance that HPE SimpliVity is hyperefficient, hyperprotected, hypersimple, hypermanageable, and hyperavailable. It’s available for 90 days to all customers who purchase qualifying HPE SimpliVity models.

Partner Solution Overview: Aruba & Zebra

Get the most trustworthy, highest-fidelity system available to locate, harvest, and transport IoT data for your retail business. Read this partner solution overview, brought to you by Data-Smart, for more information on solutions from #ZebraTechnology and #ArubaNetworks.

How teams of all sizes connect, create and collaborate.

Google Workspace seamlessly integrates all of the core elements of work, like email, chat, voice and video calling, document collaboration, storage, task management, security tools, and admin controls so your users can connect, create and collaborate, easily and securely, from wherever they are.

Download this flyer, courtesy of Data-Smart, to learn how Google Workspace helps teams of all sizes connect, create and collaborate.

How to Use AI in Sales and Marketing

Around the world, AI is intensifying the race to identify, nurture, and transform customer prospects into long-term relationships. Microsoft Dynamics 365 leverages the power of Azure AI to unify your siloed customer data and extract valuable hidden insights for a more meaningful customer relationship. Check out this video to learn how you can do more with Dynamics 365!

Surface and the Hybrid Workplace

Surface and the hybrid workplace. #Surface gives you the connectivity, collaboration, choice, and security needed to create the ideal hybrid environment. It’s all about investing in the right technology, which helps you increase employee satisfaction and make the workplace more productive while reducing costs. Check out this eBook, brought to you by Data-Smart, to learn more.

Delivering Unsurpassed Retail Experiences

Superior network performance from day 1. Read this Zebra retail technology guide, brought to you by Data-Smart, to learn more about the new edge network from #ZebraTechnology and #ArubaNetworks that enables more efficient and secure data transfer, proactive troubleshooting for worry-free Wi-Fi, and plug-and-play operations. It also offers proven interoperability and one-stop customer support.