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Timeless Storage: A unique storage experience

Timeless Storage with @HPE. Storage with a simple as-a-service model. This can reduce cost of ownership by up to 40% while keeping your storage modern and up-to-date. Check out this infographic, brought to you by Data-Smart, to learn more about @HPE Timeless Storage and what it can do for your business.

5G Is Coming — Is Your Enterprise Ready To Take Advantage Of It?

5G is here to transform your business. The key is to identify and act on opportunities for innovative new products and new revenue streams—before your competitors do.
Read “5G Is Coming — Is Your Enterprise Ready To Take Advantage Of It?,” from Forbes, brought to you by Data-Smart, to learn how 5G could disrupt manufacturing, entertainment and media, transportation, energy, and health.

Multiple Monitors

Unlock productivity with a dual monitor setup from @HP! Workers see an average 35% increase in productivity with an expanded workspace. That’s because dual monitors make it easier to collaborate or multitask between apps and projects. This solution sheet, brought to you by Data-Smart, shows you more.

The versatility of Microsoft Surface for teachers and students

.@Microsoft Surface for K-12: The ideal versatility for teachers and students. Check out this factsheet, brought to you by Data-Smart, to see all the ways teachers and students can put Surface devices to work in the classroom or remotely. These lightweight, portable devices offer long battery life and innovative tools to make learning enjoyable and engaging.

 HPE Get 6-Nines Guarantee

@HPE Nimble: Get 6-Nines Guarantee!  6-Nines is a guarantee that comes with all HPE Nimble Storage products as assurance against downtime. It costs you nothing but offers support credits against any unplanned downtime. Take a look at this brochure, brought to you by Data-Smart, for more details.

 Revealing How 5G Will Impact Businesses

With access to 5G rapidly expanding, we hear questions every day regarding how this new technology will impact business.
Get your 5G questions answered about:
• Security
• Cost
• Readiness
• Policies
• Innovation
• Migration
Download “Revealing How 5G Will Impact Businesses,” brought to you by Data-Smart, for the information IT managers and business leaders need about 5G.

More screens, more possibilities

HP multi-monitor setup: More screens, more possibilities! Expand your digital workspace with dual monitors from #HP. Docking stations and multi-monitor hubs from #HP make connecting even easier. This white paper, brought to you by Data-Smart, shows you how multiple displays unlock possibilities.

Cloud Migration Essentials

Migrating to the cloud can require careful IT planning and strategy. Learn how to approach your cloud migration, assess your servers, virtual machines and applications, confidently execute your migration, and optimize your cloud services. Download the Cloud Migration Essentials eBook from Azure and contact Data-Smart to learn more.