Reaching #sustainability goals with the right partners helps motivate customers and your workforce. Have you been making more eco-conscious decisions?

Reaching #sustainability goals with the right partners helps motivate customers and your workforce. Have you been making more eco-conscious decisions?

ElliQ by Intuition Robotics gains an extra layer of empathy with Azure Text to Speech

Discover the power of voice with “Intuition Robotics: Elevating Quality of Life with Azure Text-to-Speech.” Explore how this visionary AI company transformed elder care with Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech. Learn how intuitive robot companions fueled by Azure’s lifelike synthetic voices, empowered seniors by enhancing communication and combating loneliness. By reading this inspiring customer story, gain insights into how you can harness the power of Azure’s cutting-edge technology in your own projects. Get the story and get ready to innovate. Contact us to how Data-Smart can help your company drive better outcomes with Azure text-to-speech applications and other AI services.

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Why NetApp is the best data storage partner

When it comes to data storage, you have plenty of options to pick from. So what makes NetApp’s data storage solution unique? Simply put, it offers the most comprehensive, easily scalable storage capabilities cost-effectively, while significantly simplifying IT management.

Download the solution brief for details and contact a NetApp partner at Data-Smart to discuss flexible pricing and implementation options.

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HPE Alletra 9000 tech overview | Chalk Talk

Learn what sets the HPE Alletra 9000 apart from other tier-0 data infrastructure in this Chalk Talk video. Give it a watch to get insights from industry expert Calvin Zito.

EdgeConnect SWYMED Customer Story

This customer story is a testament to how EdgeConnect has played a pivotal role in a real-life medical emergency. You’ll give your audience a glimpse into the transformative power of modern telemedicine solutions.

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HPE Alletra 9000: Alletra Storage Arrays

HPE Alletra 9000 delivers mission-critical reliability, agility, simplified management, and more. Learn all about it in this solution brief.

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Surface Hub 2S. Meetings and collaboration for hybrid teams

The Surface Hub 2S unlocks new ways to collaborate for hybrid teams. Watch this video to discover how this device can elevate meetings and collaboration.

10 ways generative AI is transforming businesses

Discover the power of generative AI in the Microsoft Azure blog post: “Azure OpenAI Service: 10 Ways Generative AI is Transforming Businesses.” This must-read dives into how AI is revolutionizing industries with personalized marketing, chatbots and virtual assistants, product and service innovation, and cybersecurity. Prepare to unlock strategies that could propel your business forward. Read the blog to learn how Azure OpenAI Service can help you tap into these game-changing innovations.

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HPE Aruba Networking SSE

This solution brief highlights how Aruba’s networking solutions are poised to tackle the complexities of today’s IT demands. The solution provides an exceptional opportunity to enhance businesses’ IT networking capabilities.

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HP EliteBook x360

If you’ve been waiting for the ideal notebook PC to add to your fleet, it’s here. Watch this informative video about the HP EliteBook x360, compact, lightweight machine featuring the Intel Processor2 13th Gen, up to two TB of storage and HP Presence to enhance your video meeting capability.