Transforming to virtual healthcare

Discover how caregivers can provide better healthcare and patient access with Surface devices. Read this flyer to learn more.

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Low-code: One of the best investments for IT departments in 2023

IT departments are facing a growing application backlog because of the lack of developers and technical specialists who can produce these solutions. Read this urgent blog about an answer to this problem: low code. This is the solution that empowers IT departments to rapidly build apps and streamline data insights while lowering costs.

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Supporting device needs for Healthcare Providers

Surface devices can empower you to deliver even better patient care. Read through this solution brief to learn more about mobile device strategy, use cases, and more.

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Introducing Networking-as-a-Service (NaaS)

In this video, you’ll discover the many challenges that modern networks face. Give it a watch to see how Aruba can help you modernize and keep pace—all for one monthly payment as a subscription model.

4 steps to data-first modernization

Take these 4 steps to data-first modernization. This solution brief breaks the transformation process down into approachable steps that will help you make the change and become a data-first leader.

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Get ready today to do tomorrow’s work

If you’re not giving your hybrid workforce the tools they need to excel, your organization may have a hard time staying in front of the competition. Download this informative eBook highlighting the features of the HP Elite Dragonfly series, the powerful, yet compact laptop with the latest Intel Core processor and HP Wolf Security.

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HPE GreenLake for Aruba

In this solution brief, you’ll discover how HPE GreenLake for Aruba works. Give it a read to learn how it allows you to use Aruba’s Edge Services Platform (ESP) through a single subscription payment with flexible options.

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HPE Storage Explained

Discover how HPE Storage and data services can help you simplify data management so that you can be a data-first leader. Watch this video to learn how HPE’s solutions can help you innovate and outpace your competitors.

OneCause Case Study

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, OneCause is a company known for its innovative platform that assists nonprofits in planning, managing and optimizing fundraising events. To help them accomplish their mission, they lease 1600 Apple iPads.

Read this customer story to learn how FileWave endpoint management specialists helps the IT team at OneCause deploy hundreds of iPads to synchronize with the FileWave server, load their managed profile and issue a mass refresh to hundreds of iPads in just a few hours.

Contact Data-Smart for more information on how you can bring greater endpoint efficiency to your IT operations.

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Matthews International Testimonial

Educating users in a company on changing technology, policies and procedures is a challenge for any IT team. Resistance to change is high.

Dan DeRusha, Workstation Automation Engineer for Matthews International, relies on FileWave’s automated capabilities to empower over 11,000 employees across 25 countries with the technology they need to get the job done. And allow him to take a vacation.

FileWave can help simplify complex IT tasks and enhance the overall performance and security of your organization’s digital infrastructure. Watch the video to get lessons learned from Matthews International.

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