No more VMware data loss nightmares with PowerProtect Data Manager

Protecting VMware virtual machine data is important—the risk of data loss and subsequent business disruption can be costly.

Watch this video to learn how Transparent Snapshots from Dell PowerProtect automates VM image-level backups, preventing data loss nightmares.

INSPIRE Environmental uses Azure AI to improve efficiency and streamline data analysis to meet the pace of offshore wind development

INSPIRE Environmental (INSPIRE), is a Venterra Group company dedicated to monitoring seafloor health. Labor-intensive data collection and analysis was impacting the quality of data and jeopardizing the company’s long-standing reputation for delivering timely and reliable results. Read the story for details on how INSPIRE used Microsoft Azure AI solutions to analyze complex ocean data more quickly and efficiently, lower costs and reduce turnaround times for clients. Contact Data-Smart for more information on how Azure AI can streamline your transformation to the cloud.

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The 2024 Work Trend Index: AI at Work Is Here. Now Comes the Hard Part

AI is already embedded in a wide range of applications, and many employees use AI tools on their own to help them in their work.

This survey report, the 2024 Work Trend Index by Microsoft and LinkedIn, found that 3 in every 4 knowledge workers use AI tools, and 79% of leaders agree their company needs to adopt AI to stay competitive.

Read this report to see the results of this extensive survey and find out what steps your enterprise can take to prepare for full AI adoption into your workplace.

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HP and AMD. Built for the Future

Support your teams as the workplace evolves with future-forward HP PCs powered by AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors.

Accelerate cloud migration and modernize applications at your pace with Azure VMware Solution.

Ready to plan a cloud migration but not sure where to begin? Reach out to Data-Smart for help moving forward at your own pace.

Simplifying cloud migration and modernization journey with Microsoft Azure

Digital transformation is a driving force in business. And enterprises today are accelerating digital initiatives to gain a competitive edge. Read this eBook to see why cloud is such an important tool in this process and how Microsoft Azure enables you to start and accelerate migration at the pace you choose.

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Identify vulnerabilities and prioritize for immediate action

Organizations must find a way to protect their environments from the growing volume of security threats and the implications associated with a breach.

Read this solution brief on Managed Detection and Response Pro to learn how organizations can protect their critical assets while improving their security posture.

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Introducing HPE GreenLake for File Storage | Chalk Talk

Discover how you can supercharge your data intensive workloads with HPE GreenLake for file storage. Watch this Chalk Talk video to find out more!

Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team

When the Cincinnati Reds’ baseball analytics team saw that its data was outgrowing its computing resources, they turned to HP for ideas. Learn how the Reds met its data challenges and discovered new insights in this entertaining customer story showing how Z by HP helped analysts more easily facilitate complex performance analytics to improve the team’s game.

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Modern devices for government flyer

This flyer highlights the value of the Surface device portfolio for government agencies, including AI experience, chip-to-cloud security, and easy IT management.

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